Realty Support Services

“Know what your customer wants most and what

your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.”

At Reallt, we take immense pride in our unique approach and differentiated skills. We lend support to all our clients and cater to their every need, starting right from the initial stages to the most complex stages of the complete IT framework. Creating websites that offer the best experiences and garner huge real estate sales is our target, and we help make your firm a success. We have the perfect blends of domain expertise as well as technical firepower to create the most value adding and differentiating web solutions for your real estate business, doubling up as your ticket to success. Read More

Lead Management

Generating leads is one of our main goals, and we help convert these leads into clients who will bring in profits for your business. Marketing costs reduce and ROI improves when leads are managed in an efficient way. With Reallt's lead management systems, be prepared for an avalanche of leads that can be converted into great customers for your business.

Portal Listing Coordination

We have a highly professional real estate IT solutions team that can handle all your listing needs from the start to finish, and we can undoubtedly say that listing Coordination services can really build a successful business and impart proper value for clients. With the most informative and updated real estate listings on your website, you can be sure of greater business success.

Implementing Office Procedures and Systems

Office Procedures and Systems are needed to create a perfect distribution of responsibilities for all employers and employees. Depending on customer needs, we at Reallt design different procedures and policies which can be implemented to a variety of needs that customers' may have. This makes out IT tools tailor made for your firm's tasks and processes, and great business enablers for your firm's success.

Professional Photography

Providing professional services to photography is one of our main goals, so that your creative endeavours can be enhanced through quality photography techniques and makes your presentations better than they already are. With real estate images that grab eyeballs, you can expect more leads, a sense of credibility, and more queries. Make your offlien marketing material as well as your website come to life with HD photography of real estate sites.

Professional Video Shoot

Top-notch video shoots can really showcase the worth of your real estate firm's market presence, and we use some of the best equipments and techniques to produce quality video shoots for our clients. This not just defines what your business is capable of, but you get to have valuable documentation for future use as well. Build your digital asset libraries with our professional video shooting services.