RETS Services

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Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS)

Over the years RETS service has proven to bring more customer traffic to the client' sites. RETS, in short for Real Estate Transaction Standard is simply the most preferable and easiest service to get accurate Real Estate data from the MLS for your IDX websites, and it has resulted in brining larger leads generation. RETS not only increases the amount of prospect renters who visit your site, but it’ll make your website appear like a one place solution to browse and rent properties directly. Reallt provides you the most effortless RETS integration service. A little more on RETS– an open medium or a standard for exchanging real estate property and transaction information. In has become one of the most sought out options for real estate agents and brokers when they wish to have MLS data in their website. The brokers owning properties of any kind will update their listings from time to time in the RETS Server and this will help the agents and brokers owning a real estate website and helps them stay in sync with the most accurate and live data from the MLS for retrieval and display purpose. The RETS is simply the easiest mediator between the MLS and the broker.


The apparent reason why more real estate agents and brokers is because they are able to get near real time updates for their websites. RETS in a way cuts the barriers posed in ordinary MLS work flow. From small to large brokers and real estate franchises are being able to get a broader reach, and also retrieve information in a standard and well documented manner. In other words the process of going live with data by downloading them automatically into different systems has become streamlined and effortless. When it comes to RETS, the real estate agents receive better reliability and accurate information quality.


For real estate agents posting your own properties in a website in a standard process. But to really market your website and your properties, it is important that your properties get listed in more places. In the end the wider the reach of your properties, the better. Likewise it is also important that you have more of other properties that is not your own in your website to bring in more traffic drive. When you fill your website with more properties, it is likely that more prospect renters come into your website. RETS then provides the solution for this and it holds more than 1000 data fields. The main focus of RETS is to reduce the time spent in finding, sorting and retrieving property data. This ultimately increases your sites marketing possibilities and also the needed exposure for your website.


The strong benefit of using RETS Web API is that the data transfer happening between the MLS and the vendors and agents is more secure, and it retrieves the exact information the agent requests for and the API allows the MLS to know who is requesting the data. This has proven more beneficial for mobile centric users lately.