IDX Website Development

“Know what your customer wants most and what

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IDX Website Services

The main priority of the IDX website services is to attract clients for your business and we have a team of highly professional and skilled IDX developers who are capable of developing powerful websites to draw experts in the real estate industry. These websites are built upon unique and professionally designed, totally real estate relevant web templates, thus creating a likeable face for your web presence. At Reallt, we are all about blending aesthetics and functional brilliance in the form of a power packed and attractive website for your real estate services, so get in touch today.

IDX Website Services

1.1 WordPress IDX

Real estate blogs and websites are mainly created on the WordPress platform since it affords extreme flexibility that goes way beyond the basics and highlights the features of the site essential to real estate.Integration of IDX to your Wordpress based real estate website is integral to making it competitive in the modern cyber environment. We bring together the best of IDX as well as Wordpress and seamlessly integrate the two forces for maximum advantage. Make your Wordpress real estate website or blog competitive by fetching MLS listings through advanced IDX, clubbed together with functionalities such as search forms and more.

1.2 Websites with IDX:

Our company uses IDX to design real estate websites which bring success to both brokers and agents. Websites with IDX make it easier for clients to search and locate a property or home that suits their needs. Any ordinary real estate website is bound to get lost in the clutter of such lacklustre and dysfunctional web services online; only the truly attractive and functional real estate websites survive. Get in touch with us and get your IDX empowered website wherein real estate listings are fetched from MLS in real time, and the website usage experience is further enhanced with the help of unique development features.

1.3 IDX for Websites:

A real estate website without IDX is hardly relevant for any user. IDX is featured in all real estate websites since it helps generate more business for site owners and our company is capable of forming a superb IDX website on the Internet. We have a team of experts who have worked with advanced IDX integrations and are equipped with the specialized knowledge to create an IDX empowered website for your real estate service. With real time updating listings from MLS, IDX search forms, and several other unique features, Reallt is all you need for having the most successful real estate website.

1.4 Data Services:

At Reallt, we understand the importance of offering timely, comprehensive and precise data to client sites and so we use IDX data services which are able to offer total methodical listing details for easy consumption. With IDX, your website automatically becomes a storehouse of a lot of useful and detailed real estate information that can be sorted and filtered based on several tags and search criteria. Get all this and more for your real estate website with Reallt's dedicated team of domain experts and web wizards. Undoubtedly, a data optimized and thorough real estate website can stand the chance of competing in the saturated service space.

    Cloud IDX:

       Why miss out on the cloud advantage when all you need to do to get it is to contact Reallt? Our company will handle your website by obtaining listing data into our main listing database and even map incoming data elements into a set of standardized data fields. With real time date coming straight to the website from MLS, you can be certain that your website will soon become the most enterprising real estate destination online. Ensure that your website has the updated and most comprehensive real estate listings from your target geographies, all this and more with Cloud IDX solutions from Reallt.

    Data API:

       Data API happens to be a list of commands that a single program can send to another while the format of those commands may also be sent simultaneously. We categorize every information related to properties for real estate sale, trends and neighbourhood information. It's integral for your website to have the best in terms of data API, as advanced functionalities such as data analyses, sorting and parsing, etc. depend a lot on the way data is being managed on your website. Trust Reallt to help you with the best from the world of Data API services.