IDX Solutions

“Know what your customer wants most and what

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Internet Data Exchange, commonly referred to as IDX, is the main process of improving cooperation between realtors in order to simplify the sale and purchase of real estate property and make searches for homes possible on the website of the real estate agent.

Realty IDX Solutions

The real estate market is a favorable vista for numerous businesses and our company seeks to provide realtors, brokers and agents with various lead generation web pages empowered with IDX for the promotion of the method of generating leads from traffic.

We offer competent IDX solutions which seamlessly integrate all your leads into a single central location, thus facilitating easy search and reference. When we design your website, we make it a point to ensure that all the necessary credentials are present in it so that buyers have no trouble looking for properties on your websites and registering for e-mail updates or alerts.

IDX technology services are supported by an efficient and systematic lead generation system that enables the client realty business to get true value for money.

IDX Solutions

1.1 IDX Data Feeds :

IDX data feeds run your real estate website through it to help generate greater leads. Apart from increasing prospects of attracting more eyeballs, this allows the agents and viewers to easily track down and view properties without leaving the web page. With a more organized and thorough property search facilitated on the website, your users are likely to trust your real estate web service as their preferred destination for all property searches. The data feeds allow them to download the available IDX listings in a convenient format so that they might be used on custom home search apps.

1.2 IDX Vendors :

Online search services are an extremely viableoption for people to look for new real estate purchases.

If some real estate web page has IDX, homebuyers can look for homes on all the MLS systems without any effort. This helps them understand whether or not the property would suit their needs.

IDX vendors help you perfectly present the listings in your MLS ;they are skilled in blending IDX in different sizes and shapes, beginning from basic property search forms to synergistic search solutions. Our company iscompetent at managing support and design, making iteasy to add an IDX solution optimized for real estate industry.

1.3 Understanding IDX data :

Data from the MLS is extracted by IDX and then conveyed to a website for consumption by the public and in many cases, the IDX is often called an IDD or Broker Reciprocity.

IDX data allows brokers to not only exhibit their own listing but the listings of other brokers, thus,it has become a significant part of many realtor business models. Real estate professionals are empowered by IDX data to display comprehensive data regarding property listings on real estate websites.

IDX data is included in the website packages generated by professional firms which makes it simpler for brokers to showcase MLS properties.

    IDX search form (basic) :

       This is the most commonly used method for integrating IDX into a website and it constitutes some of the most basic search fields like baths, beds, and price. Not only are they easy to design but they possess useful search features. With a comprehensive search form on your website, you can offer hassle free real estate search for users. An IDX search form is instrumental in adding functionality to the real estate website, and is a differentiator for success. Trust our experienced professionals and experts to bring forth the maximum advantage from IDX search forms for all your real estate websites.

    IDX search form (advanced) :

       Advanced IDX search form is basically the IDX form with added search filters and it allows you to gain more leads by permitting the visitors to your website to search across different MLSs for their desired properties. Once a user uses the primary search form features, the advanced features can kick in to further shortlist the results so that only the most relevant real estate listings are shown to the users. Get in touch with us and let our web wizards collaborate with you to create the most relevant, useful, and well-designed IDX search form for your real estate website.

    Map-based IDX :

       Adding an IDX feed to regular real estate websites, including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla is now simpler than ever with our mapping IDX solution which is totally compatible with most websites. Compatible with all CMS platforms, our mapping IDX solutions are perfect to quickly make your real estate website experience the IDX advantage.

       You benefit from a totally interactive and powerful map interface with our map-based IDX services which includes organized lead capture tools and advanced features. Map-based IDX is instrumental in unveiling features on an embedded map which happens to be a primary choice for the majority of real estate search software.

    IDX Plugin :

       WordPress requires IDX plug-in for the purpose of forming live real estate data from an MLS and it helps gather data from an MLS database into a real estate WordPress site. IDX plug-in is also used to provide functionality to your site which allows users to look at the details of the properties in your MLS and enter real estate statistics, listings, quick searches and maps into the WordPress side bars and pages. The IDX plugin is all you need to make your Wordpress website perfectly suited for contemporary real estate search servicing, and we help you do that!

    Mobile IDX solution :

       With so many Internet users preferring their mobile phones to access the WWW, it's important that you leverage the benefits of mobile IDX solution to facilitate quick mobile based real estate searches. We allow customers to unleash the full potential of their mobile phones by introducing amazing IDX search and lead capturing features like map zooming, touch controls, and "nearby" search factors, apart from several other functionalities. Our mobile IDX solutions help create a touch-enabled mobile site with click-search feature for full-screen image slideshows, nearby listings along with the capacity to login to your own customer portal.