Real Estate Application Development

“Happy people plan actions,

They don´t plan results.”

Real Estate Application Development :

We are forerunners in providing end-to-end real estate website solutions for all real estate web development needs with fully decked capabilities.

Real Estate Solutions :

Real estate companies are continuously adjusting to web technologies and web solutions with a specific end goal to upgrade the assets, rearrange operations and expand proficiency which are required to meet business requests over a sensible time of time. REALLT offers far reaching IT benefits, IT framework administrations, counseling administrations and business methodology outsourcing administrations, alongside resource based answers for associations in the land business. We present to you the adaptability for deals agents by giving lead administration and our showcasing group serves you on the dab answers for business sector your items better and take in more about your clients.

Our Customers

Benefits :

  • Cut down the ownership cost.
  • A Integrates beneficiary needs and expectations, by service delivery.
  • Quick time-to-market, and also handles external competition.
  • Robust and flexible capabilities.
  • Widens customer base.

The REALLT Advantage :

  • We have substantial skill and proficiency in delivering business solutions for the real estate industry; we also ensure that your demand variability is addressed with an optimized cost structure.
  • We assure you that, magnanimous solutions and services are made available.
  • Our Tech experts leverage a exceptionally rich domain to develop best practices, assets and frameworks.

Real estate CRM

In the field of real estate, Customer Relationship Manager or CRM has proven to be highly effective, and our CRM centric IT applications are designed to have the most profits out of the least cost, but providing full customer satisfaction all the way.

High-end websites fully customised to meet all kinds of customer expectations in terms of design and functionality, that too at really moderate rates are designed by us, and delivered diligently, helping real estate businesses affect great CRM.

Real estate ERP

Good relationships and long-term partnerships with our customers help us strike a winning streak.We provide our customers with Real Estate ERP solutions for a variety of service lines. Right from Contracting, Construction and Real Estate Industry, we give our stakeholders a powerful solution.

Real estate Portal Development

Reallt offers the best in terms of real estate portal development. All brokers or agents must now have an unfettered online presence, and with this portal development system, we can help out buyers, brokers and sellers to manage their business requirements, no matter how complex. We leverage the knowledge and expertise of our web wizards, real estate domain experts, and design enthusiasts to bring together the best of design and features for your real estate website projects.

Real estate Mobile Apps Development

Mobile access is undoubtedly the fastest way to gain information on real estate listings and browse all available properties. In order for ease of access to information, buyers and sellers alike must have mobile access round the clock for full potentiality.

The mobile app that we have designed effortlessly showcases all the marketing and sales content, complete with property pictures, site plans area descriptions and the amenities that are available.

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Enterprise IT services for the Real Estate

Through this method, our highly professional IT team optimizes investments in technology and reduces costs with the help of implementing top-notch technologies. Our IT team also helps you to meet requirements of clients and deliver projects on time, and increase profit margins as well.

Property Management Software

Regardless of the fact whether you are an investor, owner, developer or managing agent, you stand to gain a lot from the service bouquet offered here. Reallt provides Property Management Software for all. Our range of services stretches from fresh start-ups to multinational companies.

With our software, we manage the real estate verticals which give our customers, such as investors, stakeholders and managers and owners the access any information that they might need.

Property Maintenance management Software

If maintenance costs in your property are running high, and you want help fixing the problem, then this software is for you. Factors like building structure and improving efficacy are taken into account.It can greatly help out managers, landlords and owners.

Facility Management Software

Trust this software to keep track of all your activities in your facility. Maintenance operations and physical assets can be easily managed with it.

Apartment Management Software

This is designed especially for the use of apartment managers. this software supports all sizes of business, which makes it truly flexible. If customers are on the lookout for professional services, they can contact us without a doubt and make use of our software.

Tenant Management Solutions

Tenants can be a real problem, especially when you have to keep following up on rent payments on time, and also need to ensure that they are never late with their rent. Rentals, maintenance and any tenant related needs in your property can be handled by our Tenant Management Solutions. With our services, you will not have to worry about getting rent on time ever again.

Rental Management System

If you need to understand the full-fledged aspect of any real estate business, then this system is exactly what you need. The many features of this system include online accessibility in all sectors of real estate and a design driven to provide the maximum support to users. And the best part about the software is that, it provides support at all three levels- commercial, residential and even for apartments and office buildings.

Commercial Property Management Software

We have a highly skilled and efficient staff of IT solution architects and programmers. Our pioneering software facilitates better business management for all our clients. All transactions, correspondences and documents can be kept organised accurately with this software.

Integration with real estate portals

Integration with the best and most coveted real estate portals helps property managers to increase the way in which they manage and handle their apartment that is on rental. People, in this present day and age, follow up on information online, without having to rely on realtors, and for this reason alone, portals have become fast popular.

As a result, a real estate website plays the most pivotal role in strengthening a real estate business, and helps to maintain your business and ensure full profitability.

Real Estate Broker management solutions

One of our best services is the fact that we handle a wide network of active brokers, and our solutions help manage Broker Profiles, performance measurement of Brokers and privilege control, along with performance-based commission management. Bring in the best broker management functionality to your real estate business with this service. Having all information related to active main brokers greatly helps in providing the most valuable information when you need it the most.

Construction Software Solutions

We are pioneers in bringing together all the latest and integrated construction management software with the best features , and thus help in growing your business.

Construction project Management Solutions

Reallt's Construction Project Management Solutions are ideal for both government and commercial clients. We offer Programming management, schedule development and maintenance, Owner representation, constructability reviews, and Third party services.

Construction Materials Management Solution

Information management can be streamlined through Construction Material Management, which works by combining execution, planning and controlling office and field activities along the construction process. These solutions regulate issues like materials deliveries, sale and manufacturing costs of materials.

Real estate Expense Tracking

There are a lot of expenses incurred while running a real estate firm, and experts in our company will help you keep track of every minute expense that your firm goes through, so that you don't spend unnecessarily and can keep a tab on your firm's exchequer.

Home builder solutions

Deep insights into customer needs and preferences will equip you with necessary knowledge to give better results to clients such as real estate firms and home builders, and we'll give you the upper hand by providing in-depth information necessary.

Real Estate Business Value Solutions

In order to enhance productivity of your firm, we can help you optimize issues and aspects and simplify operations. Customer patterns and trends in real-time are studied by our team and information thus gained is used for the betterment of your business.

Real Estate HR Solutions

Efficient HR solutions can help businesses go a long way, and our motivated team have a variety of HR solutions to tackle any of our clients' problems. Our team possesses all the necessary knowledge about current market issues and industrial knowledge, and they can solve any problem head-on. HR aspects of managing a real estate business are different from standard HR routines, and we bring in our experience of having worked with several huge real estate firms to provide you the best real estate HR solutions. Experience enhanced payroll management, appraisals, hiring and recruitment, and more with our service.

Microsoft Share Point NAV Solutions

These solutions have been designed to fulfil all user needs. Mid-sized organisations profit the most from these solutions, as that they can share information and manage content without a hassle.