Real Estate Broker Mobile App

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Real Estate Broker Mobile App

At Reallt our goal is to keep delivering excellent Technology infused products to the real estate industry. We ways try to reinvent our Real Estate IT based services to provide the entire real estate business with the best in class products. Keeping that in mind Reallt has come up with a perfect solution for the real estate brokers in India to manage their business anywhere at anytime. Reallt Mobile App is extensively developed to make the entire process of managing the properties and keeping in track of the renter‘s contacts and enquiries and every other follow-up a lot more easier. The app is designed in such a way that it falls as a productive tool in the hands of the real estate agents, and it enables the agents to keep in track of all the aspects in a Real Estate business. Gone are the days where manual and paper work had to be maintained to manage the properties and the renters and the owner details. Likewise using a desktop and a browser is needed no more to get going with your business. By using Reallt app and its path breaking features you can now manage your whole list of properties, units information, renters, lease and the follow-ups easily in just a few clicks.

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In real estate industry this is the era of high-tech tools and features, and nothing can surpass the range that smart phones are creating all over the world. If that’s the case why not provide our real estate industry with an amazing Android/iPhone app that will completely break the stereotype of how a real estate business is done? With the Reallt app you can now manage the complete list of your properties, your leads, your customers, maintain highly secured details, and store the most specific information of your business. With Reallt app you now don’t have to worry about how you’re gonna manage your business when you are away from your computer. Because everything that you think can only be done in front of a computer can now be done from your smart phone that you carry around in your pockets.

  • With Reallt App store the contacts of the workers working under each property, snap multiple images of the properties and add descriptions, maintain Property Management check list, Commercial Property checklist, Residential Property checklist, Apartment Property checklist.
  • Manage documents such as lease and rent agreements, manage documents related to the properties, and manage, and so much more in Reallt’s sophisticated mobile app.

This handy app apart from just providing the extensive features, another added advantage is that certain highly necessary features can be accessed offline too. The compelling customized features that‘s put in to build this app is a sure shot way to smartly organize and manage your business.